About Hope Chastain
Hope Chastain is the pen name of a musician, singer/songwriter who is trying to keep her novel writing career separate from her musical career!  Hope is a member of the Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers. She is also a participant in the collaborative fiction site, PanHistoria.

Hope's interest in words came about very early in life, when she discovered she'd better start talking as soon as she could in order to get a word in!  She loved hearing stories, and it was a small step after that to start writing them. 

After that, she discovered that the person who suggested that to be a writer, sit down and start writing, and "ten years later, when you get up, you'll be a writer" MAY have underestimated a bit...

Works of fiction completed:
Screenplays & teleplays:  2 SF
                                      1 Romantic Comedy Spy
                                      2 Western
                                1 TV detective (spec)
                                      1 TV science fiction (spec)
Novels: 1 SF + 1 in progress
1 Contemporary Inspirational Romance
            1 Inspirational Chick Lit
            2 Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
      1 Regency in progress
            1 Western novela
            1 Epic Fantasy in progress
            1 Christian Horror Romance in progress
      1 regular horror romance that was so bad, it will NEVER see the light of day, even if I could find the ms after moving
1 series amateur detective novel in progress
            1 series amateur detective novel with my coauthor, in progress

Children's books:  1 western
                            1 SF
                            1 sailing adventure novel (written when I was still a child, so it's pretty bad)

Short Stories:  assorted mysteries, romance, SF, and westerns, one of which was published in the PanHistoria Birthday Book, available from Pan Press. I also have another piece available in the Panniversary Birthday Book, available from Lulu.com.

Plus, my ongoing online collaborative novels, THE WESTERN TRAIL, TOMBSTONE and THE NEW COMMONWEALTH at PanHistoria, where I cowrite with a number of people.